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Pathfinder 2 Released

Pathfinder 2 Released!


The wait is over! Pathfinder 2 released today! This post takes a brief look at what is available right now.

I am only covering Paizo releases for this post. There are a myriad of third party products being released as well, but for now, let’s just concentrate on getting to know the new system.

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Major Site Overhaul Completed – Go Faster Stripes Added

Major Site Overhaul

Today marks the completion of a major site overhaul. Many boring and mundane things were done in preparation for restarting in earnest with Pathfinder 2’s release next month.

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Design Finder 2018 Round 1 Reveal

Design Finder 2018 has revealed the Top 16!

Design Finder round 1 finalists have now been revealed!

I haven’t had much of a chance to look at these in detail yet, but just scanning the finalists I can see the ugly alliterative naming is alive and thriving, sigh.

As with prior competitions of this ilk, there is a vast array of creative people entering. So in order to fully stand out, you must practice your efforts on that first impression. Get the formatting right, research what people liked and disliked in similar competitions. Just a few hours with a search engine and a bit of reading can really elevate your submissions positively.
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Superstar Returns – as Design Finder 2018

Design Finder 2018, a child of RPG Superstar, is live!

If you have been missing all the fun of RPG Superstar like taking part, commenting, voting and so on, fret no longer because Design Finder is here!

Some enterprising and brave individuals are bringing back the competition in spirit at least. Design Finder 2018 is live and in it’s submission window for round 1 as I post this. Continue reading Superstar Returns – as Design Finder 2018