Screen of Doom – Build #9

Screen of Doom – Build #9

Screen of Doom
The Ultimate GM screen in every sense!

Screen of Doom – Build #9 – the dice wall alignment fix and redesign!

Last week we spotted a wall height alignment problem. We also started looking at potential fixes for that problem!

Dice Wall Height Alignment Problem

The problem with the dice wall height not aligning with the angle adjusters and towers prevents the top clips holding the wall firmly in place to the towers.

the top alignment problem
the top alignment problem

With the wall being just under the required height, I first tried using a standard base coupled with the middle row tipper bases to raise the wall height. This it did, but it raised it too high, by one brick row of height too high.

the standard wall base
the standard wall base

Next I tried adding a second tipper base to the wall at the bottom, effectively creating a token storage slot at the base of the bins. Unfortunately, this also raised the wall to one brick row of height too high.

Using the standard base didn't fix top alignment
Using the standard base didn’t fix top alignment
Using a double tipper base didn't fix top alignment
Using a double tipper base didn’t fix top alignment

This meant I needed to review my dice wall plan entirely as I could not get the wall height correct with 3 rows of dice bins.

The wall height fix

So neither of my fix ideas worked, which meant reviewing the dice wall completely.

Dragonbite Add On - Top Drawer
Dragonbite Add On – Top Drawer

My first port of call was to recheck the dice bin add on product. I noticed that the sample image only showed two rows of bins and not three.

Then I had my epiphany moment, if I changed the center row of dice bins in the dice wall into a standard unit rather than a dice bin, it should all still align.

I realized my original plan was to have a single wall for dice and an angled wall of miniature shelving…

The wall redesign

So, I looked at my initial wall plans and changed them to suit… I have left out the angle adjuster columns either side of the tower for clarity. There are no custom components in the angle columns, so they should clip and align without problems.

The layout for the now two wall dice walls with a middle tower looks like this…

D4,D6,D6,Tower MiddleD12,D20,
ThreeShelvesHereTower ExtensionTwoShelves
D8,D10,D%,Tower BaseD20,Blank Bin

The upshot of this redesign is that the blank bin introduced into the second dice wall allows for my strange dice to be in the same wall as my standard dice. Bonus.

Test Print Parts

Step one is to dismantle my wall built so far.
Step two is to print a shelf unit, angle adjuster column top, and the dice bin wall top.

center shelf wall unit
center shelf wall unit
angle adjuster column top
angle adjuster column top

The angle adjust top and wall tops have the clip slots that need to align.

The wall topper for a tipper bin
The wall topper for a tipper bin


Test Fit

Reassembling the first column of the redesigned dice wall, and completing the angle adjuster column, I found the clip slots and top and bottom of the wall aligned perfectly. The bond between the angle column and the wall column was superb. I have my solution.

Success, the tops align and clip!
Success, the tops align and clip!

For confidence, lets add the Tower

I decided to check my tower assumption.

Moving to the tower refit
Moving to the tower refit
The tower extender
The tower extender

This meant printing a tower extension, which is the same height as the shelf wall part.

My towers would eventually be four part towers: the base section, then an extension section, then a middle section and finally a crenelated top section. The top clip point for the walls is half way up the side of the middle section.

Success, the tower aligns and clips
Success, the tower aligns and clips

With the tower assembled to the clip point, it was found my assumption was correct. The tower clips nicely to the same point as the angle column. Perfect.

Getting back on track.

I need to print more shelves and reassemble the wall to the point of adding the last two remaining wall tops. Then I can move onto the second wall, which is built in the same manner as the first wall.

More shelves needed
More shelves needed

So where are we now?

The last picture for this post shows the progress I am making towards getting that first wall completed.

End of week progress
End of week progress

Once the two dice walls are completed, I will list everything printed and used in the build, with total print time and PLA used so far. It isn’t worth doing for just the first walls because I printed a lot of pieces that are not currently in use until the second wall is built.

See you all next week, hopefully with wall 1 completed entirely!

Anthony Adam (Template Fu)

Author: Anthony Adam
Updated: 2019/08/12 11:01

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