Screen of Doom – Build #8

Screen of Doom – Build #8

Screen of Doom
The Ultimate GM screen in every sense!

Screen of Doom – Build #8 – the dice wall top row nears completion!

This post also shows the top row of dice bins for the dice wall and the printing of the tower middle section beginning!

I have spotted a problem with the wall heights. This will need me to try a slight change to the wall build in the hope of resolving it.

Dice Wall Top Row

The last of the dice bins printed gave me a view of an issues with the wall. The problem is that the dice bin walls would fall short by two rows of bricks to align with the angle adjusters.

Dice wall top row bins complete
Dice wall top row bins complete

This is a headache because the top angle adjuster will have a side clip that is meant to hold the top of the adjoining walls to the tower in a secure fashion. This is something that needs to be addressed before I continue to the next wall.

Resolving the Height Problem

In order to resolve this, I need to try and raise the bins by 2 brick rows. I have two options to try. The first option I hope will work as it will give a cleaner look to the wall. The second option I am confident will work, but will result in a slightly messier wall (messier to me that is).

The first option is to replace the current wall base piece which holds the base of the lower bin. This will be replaced by a standard wall base which has no indentation for holding tipper bins. Then I will add the middle wall tipper base on top of it. This should raise the bins the required number of brick rows. If the standard wall base proves too high then I will be left with the second option.

The second option is to print a second middle tipper holder – which has the desired height of two rows. This is placed on top of the top row of tipper bins. Effectively, this creates a slot above the bins which I can use to store post it noted, tokens. It’s a bit messy in my opinion, but will give the correct wall height for the crenelation wall toppers to link together.

Printing the Tower Middle

The height of the walls, as indicated by the angle adjuster columns tells me that I will need to print 2 middle wall blocks per tower. On inspection, the tower will connect nicely with the angle adjuster crenelation topper. For this build so far, the only height problem I can detect is the one with the walls.

This was my first newbie scary print. The print duration for one middle tower section was a little over 33 hours. So my first print of this will be a weekend print. This will allow me to watch carefully and pray.

Tower middle wall 1 begins
Tower middle wall 1 begins

I did experience a slight issue with the print at just over 24 hours – it looked like the nozzle was about to clog. Fortunately it corrected itself and continued to completion. Even more fortunately, the imperfection caused by the almost clog was entirely internal.

Tower middle 1 just over half way
Tower middle 1 just over half way

I checked the strength of the build by gently trying to flex around the internal imperfection. Fortunately, everything held firm.

I think printing with a 25% infill saved me from wasting a day. The blockage self cleared itself and enough of the infill was printed to ensure a solid structure. So lucky!

Dice Tower Starts to Grow

With a tower middle safely in hand, I wanted another look at how things were coming along. I am still confident of linking the angle adjuster to the side of the tower. But the view does clearly show I have a wall height issue to resolve.

Everything printed together so far
Everything printed together so far

Coming Next

I am going to print the first wall back for the top row right most column – the D6 column next to the angle adjuster. Then I am going to print the parts for my height adjustment issue and see which one works.

Time permitting on the next week, I will also print the first crenelation wall toppers. This will allow me to double check the heights line up as intended.

It’s a nervous time for my build plan, if the height adjustment options don’t do what I need, then a rethink of the screen design is in order. The nice thing here is that the screen is very component based, which will allow me to rebuild in a different configuration if needed.

Fingers crossed though that my attempts to resolve the issue prove fruitful. Roll on next week.

Anthony Adam (Template Fu)
Author: Anthony Adam
Updated: 2019/08/05 12:01

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