Privacy Statement

Your privacy is a priority

With the changes to privacy law around the world, I have decided to ensure our privacy statement is clear and simple. It allows everyone to make informed decisions on browsing and/or registering with this site.

If you find anything below is confusing, or in need of clarification or greater detail, please let us know via our Contact Us page. You do not need to register to do this.

The section titles we use here marry up with the GDPR legislation and the general advice for small non-profit making sites like this.

Explicit Consent

This concerns the collection of personal data.

The only data contained in this site is your username and email from the registration screen. A separate screen from all term and conditions.

We do not sell these emails on to anyone and we do not mass market or email anything to you unless it is a reply to a contact from yourselves asking for such. You can even contact us without registering an account.

With all our pages we adopt a no pre-checked options policy, you must always make the choice whether to comment publicly or not. The power remains solely in your own hands.

Rights to data

The only information we store on our database is for the login tables, i.e. your username, email and passwords. This allows us to send you new passwords when you need them resetting.

The only other thing we store that you may have entered are any public comments made against any page or post. These are visible for all, and once again, you have to decide to enter a comment and post it for such to exist.

All contact us communication is reviewed privately by myself and myself only. I can copy and screenshot these should you ever need access to any contacts you made via the contact us page.

The remainder of the data on the site is all the public content that I have created and shared openly with you.

If you need a copy of any data you have entered, let me know and I will collate it and send to you via your contact email.

Data Protection Officer

Although we are a private individual site, we should notify you of who our data protection officer is. So that would be me, we have a staff of one >.<

Site Privacy and GDPR Compliancy

We are a WordPress based site. WordPress became GDPR compliant with version 4.9.6 onwards. We always update to the latest WordPress as soon as it is available, so you are already using a GDPR compliant site.

By default, WordPress used to store the name, email and optional website as a cookie on a commenter’s browser. This made it easier for you to leave comments on your favorite blogs because those fields were pre-populated. Due to GDPR’s consent requirement, WordPress has added the comment consent checkbox. You can leave a comment without checking this box. All it means is that you would have to manually enter your name, email, and website every time you leave a comment.

Note that on this site, you cannot comment unless you are registered and logged in. I approve all registrations before anything can be posted. This ensures spam posts do not get into our pages and comments.

Should a new user start putting spam comments in, I will immediately remove all their comments and posts. I will also delete their account. This is for your protection and safety when browsing this site.

Google Analytics

We do use google analytics to monitor page hits. We use this to determine what posts and pages are popular. It guides us in giving you the best site possible.

We have updated this package to include the eu-compliance plug in. We auto obfuscate ip addresses and the like. This means we cannot identify anyone via your traffic footprint, you anonymity is assured.

All we know is what pages you hit – and that’s all we really care about.

Deletion of Your Data

Should you require your account be deleted, the deletion under the GDPR compliant WordPress is physical and non-reversable. It removes all traces of your existence permanently, including any posts and comments you made.

Please contact me

If you are unsure about anything at all and it is not covered above, please let me know. I will make whatever changes and statements are necessary to satisfy your query.

If you have questions, it is likely you are not the only one. It is indicative that I have not been plain enough, or inclusive enough, in my statements above.

I will need to fix such things and be aware of them in order to fix them.

Thanks for your time and attention.

site privacy statement

Author: Anthony Adam
Updated: 2018/10/03 09:54

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