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Here you will find a Gaming and Games Design related Patreon Directory. The projects listed may be ongoing or archived. All contain a vast quantity of gaming and design related articles. They all allow us to get into the mind set of renowned games designers. I hope you find them useful.

Contributor Patreons

Owen KC Stephens Patreon
This is fast becoming one of my most anticipated Patreons. Owen is very informative in all posts he makes and more often then not, provides new slants on traditional ideas and game design. This is one every up and coming game designer should have membership of. It’s been a while since this one has been updated, but the wealth of posts available do make a month or two subscription to get access a worthwhile investment.

Jason Bulmahn Patreon
This is another informative patreon whereby you can see the birth of a Pathfinder campaign in the making. It is not as frequently updated as others but provides previews, opportunities to make suggestions and provide feedback throughout the whole design process. I must admit, I “lurk” in this one and try to digest and learn from the provided posts and materials as much as I can. Unfortunately, for the foreseeable, this seems to have tailed away – most likely due to the demands of the Pathfinder 2 release schedule. It’s still worth a months subscription to access what is there though.

Gaming Patreons

EN World EN5ider
An online magazine patreon providing 5th Edition supplements and adventures from the most respected En World stable. If you want to write for 5E, this is a must. It started at the same time as Trailseeker below, and has a wonderful feeling of Kobold Quarterly, Dungeon and Dragon magazines . Highly Recommended for 5E designers. Still going strong.

EN World Trailseeker
A sister magazine patreon especially relevant for Pathfinder, and more recently Starfinder. Post supply supplements and adventures from the wonderful En World stable. If you want to write for Pathfinder and/or Starfinder, this is a must. The offerings are highly polished and provide the same classic magazine feel as EN5ider. Highly Recommended for Pathfinder and Starfinder designers. They have confirmed Pathfinder 2 will be supported as well.

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