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About this Gaming Alumni Directory

This page is still under construction but is here to show my intent for this content.

This directory details the games industry alumni who kindly share their knowledge and techniques through their own web sites, personal products, blog posts and the like.

There may be “obvious” people missing from this list. Out of respect and courtesy, I only include people when :

a) I have approached and acquired their permission to list them, or,
b) They approached me for inclusion.

In all cases, no entry is made without first confirming and receiving the necessary permissions, recommendations and agreements for their entry.

If you are a gaming alumni who would like to be included, please use the Contact Us page providing your contact details. I will get in touch and we can take things from there.

Thanks everyone.

Gaming Alumni

The alphabetical ordering employed does not imply any ranking of these individuals listed.

Example Entry
[Profile Picture] Name

short potted history including industry awards and recognition
site links to alumni presence, patreon projects, blogs, recommended reading for new writers, etc.

Please Help Build this Directory

Please use the Contact Us page to request your addition or updates to this directory – I reply as quickly as I am able to these contacts, and will pursue confirming what you would like to be said about you and confirm which links to your gaming/design blog/patreon sites you would like included.

Thank you in advance for your interest and time.

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Author: Anthony Adam
Updated: 2019/07/05 14:49

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