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Task and Design Indexes

This Task and Design Indexes page is a launching point to the design articles in a formally indexed fashion. I will endeavor to group related posts to aid reading and discovery by subject matter. This will allow you to view only those posts related to the designs you are undertaking.

Task and Design Indexes
I hope you find these indices useful.

General Design Skills and Tasks
DnD 5.0 Tasks

I have just started playing in a regular DnD 5 game, so I will use this experience to convert Pathfinder 2 articles into DnD 5 equivalents.

I do need some time to build up my DnD 5 experience first though, so please be patient.

Pathfinder 1.0 Tasks

Unfortunately, family issues, personal health scares and life in general got in the way of completing the Pathfinder 1.0 design, so they are archived here for as far as they got.

Task: Designing a Wondrous Item

Reading Rules / Requirements.
Choosing your base item for the design.
Choosing your base power for the item.
Item Naming and Description breakdown.
Item Description – Part 1 – Short Introduction.

Pathfinder 2.0 Tasks

I will be creating design articles for Pathfinder 2 once it drops. This is my main area of recent design expertise, so articles will likely appear here first, with conversions to other game systems I play. By all means request game systems not listed here and I will see what I can do.

Pugmire 1.0 Tasks

This is so close to Pathfinder and has that cute canine and feline aspects that I simply cant resist. This is my guilty pleasure game of late, so expect articles to be made for Pugmire in the future.

Starfinder 1.0 Tasks

I’m still getting my head around Starfinder. Where I have other articles for other games, if they are common enough to transcend fantasy into science fantasy, they will get converted and listed here.

The Dark Eye Tasks

I got this through the recent Kickstarter. It seems very deep and high on role rather than roll play, so I am intrigued enough that I will try and create articles and content for this system here.

Future articles

If you check out the preparation posts in Pathfinder 1, you will see I have a lot of reading, playing and digesting to do once Pathfinder 2 drops. This means you shouldn’t expect new articles that quickly after Pathfinder 2’s release. I will try and keep posting when I can, I promise.


Task and Design Indexes by Anthony Adam (Template Fu)

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