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Contact Us.

If you would like to contact us to:

  • have links to your sites added to/removed from the publishers directory,
  • comment on posts/pages privately,
  • have your designer details added to/removed from the designer directory
  • make any query or comment you feel needs to be made

Please use this form. You do not need to register to contact us.

Response Time

All contacts are reviewed weekly with those requiring a response being responded to within 7 days. During very busy times of the year, for example convention season, the response time extends out to a maximum of 14 days.

Your Privacy

There is now a privacy policy page publicly available for your review and consideration.

Simply put, the only data we collect about you is your login details and any messages you post as public comment. We never mine it, share with other companies (see service provider note below).

All we do is collect enough information to give you a login when you register. This allows you to log on and make comments, that’s it. The whole site is free to browse without logon required, you only need to logon to make comments. So you can browse freely and with complete anonymity should you desire so.

Privacy – Who Hosts Us

That said, our site is hosted, by a company called “iPage“. Please feel free to review their privacy policy in addition to ours for your own peace of mind.

Although we don’t publicly share data with them, they have access to it through their service provision. I have always found them to be professional at all times and have no qualms or worries that your login and email are safe.

Simply put, if they ever violated anything in this business relationship (highly unlikely), they would immediately lose my business and my site.

Thanks for your time

Please can you use a short description in the Topic field. This allows me to determine solutions and satisfy your contact with alacrity.

Thank you for valuable time and feedback.


Author: Anthony Adam
Updated: 2019/07/05 14:03

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