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This directory page links game companies and publishers. There may be publishers missing. This is because, out of respect and a sense of professionalism, I endeavor to obtain their permission to link them first. I hope that, as the site grows, this will get easier over time.

If you spot a link that is broken / needs updating, please let me know and I will fix it asap.

If you are a publisher who would like to be included, please use the Contact Us page to let me know. We can then agree your entry and get you included.

It should also be stated that companies are listed alphabetically, no ranking is intended or implied at all by this ordering.

Game Publisher Directory

ZeroOneLogo0One Games.

Publisher of role playing gaming products including The Great City Campaign Setting, Basic Paths, Blueprints. Blueprints provide a fantastic range of ready made maps and inspiration.







AAW Games, LLC.

Company Blog, Newsletter, Adventure-A-Week,
Adventure a Week on Facebook.

Publisher of incredible 5 star adventures such as the Rise of the Drow and Snow White Adventure Paths! Home of the Aventyr Campaign Setting.

Freelancers wishing to submit to AAW Games, LLC should visit their submit a pitch page. They also highly recommend reading of the Kobold Guide to Games Design (see Games Design Resources). On acceptance of your pitch, receive their ACT 2.0 Adventure Composition Tutorial.


Dreamscarred Press.

About, Company Blog, Working For Us.

Publisher of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Licensed products including Ultimate Psionics, Path of War and Third Dawn product ranges.

Freelancers wishing to work for Dreamscarred Press should be sure to check all of the information on their Working For Us page.






EnPublishing / EnWorld.

Gaming News, Gaming Communities, Santiago, Zeitgeist, War of the Burning Sky.

Publisher of role playing game adventure paths compatible with Pathfinder and 4e and 5e DnD. They are largest hub for world wide gaming news, forums and gaming community provision.

Geek in the Closet.

HomeCompany Blog.

Geek In The Closet is your go-to fan site that celebrates the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game by offering free adventures, art, cartography, home-brew rules, Golarion lore, fiction, campaign journals, design tools, and much more.

Geek In The Closet caters to non-professionals and aspiring freelancers who want to share their work freely with the Pathfinder Community and build a portfolio of their work.


Kobold Press.

Games Design Guide, Guide to Worldbuilding, Guide  to Magic,
Guide to Board Game Design.

Publisher of role playing game supplements and games design guides. Two projects per year are Open Design commissions – funded by gamers. They offer a great opportunity to new freelancers wishing to be noticed and build their portfolios.


Legendary Games.

About, Store, Contact, Newsletter.

Formed of an all-star cast of authors and designers and coordinated by award-winning game designer Jason Nelson.

They publish a wide range of supplemental Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products, many of which target and enhance Paizo‘s Adventure Path campaigns.

If you wish to submit a pitch, they recommend highly reading the the Kobold Guide to Games Design before submitting. Upon acceptance of pitches, freelancers receive a free copy of Legendary Games Adventure Composition Tutorial.

Little Red Goblin Games, LLC.

Publisher of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible gaming products and games for the younger audience.

Their site contains useful games design snippets that can guide you to writing in their style.

LPGDesignLogoLouis Porter Jr. Design.

Company Blog.
Publisher of Pathfinder Licensed, NeoExodus, Obsidian Apocalypse, and, Image Portfolio  gaming products.


Monte Cook GamesMonte Cook Games

Contact, News, Design Articles, Fan Support.

Publisher of the Cypher system, and Invisible Sun, Numenera, The Strange settings.

Freelancers wishing to work with MCG should check their Career Opportunities and Contact pages for information regarding their current requirements and opportunities.

I highly recommend reading as much of their Design Articles in their Design Lab articles section before making any approach so that you are fully cognizant of their style and game systems.

PaizoPaizo Publishing, LLC.

Contact, Company Blog, Store Blog, Forums.

Publisher of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Starfinder Roleplaying Game, and, home of Organised Play for all three lines.

Freelancers wishing to submit to Paizo Publishing, LLC for the first time are recommended to start by submitting for the Pathfinder Society I also recommend following their Company Blog for open calls.

Resources for submission guidelines, content and format will be found in the society pages and in any open call announcements posted to the Company Blog.

RagingSwanLogoRaging Swan Press.

Company and Design Blog.

At Raging Swan Press, we believe the GM’s job should be as simple and painless as possible. We believe a GM should not have to spend eight hours preparing for a four-hour session. We believe GMs should spend less time worrying about the minutia of the game and more time plotting awesome adventures and campaigns.

At Raging Swan Press, we craft Pathfinder Roleplaying Game compatible GM Resources designed to help GMs prepare quicker and prepare better. We don’t deluge you in gobs of extra rules or options that just add complexity, confusion and bloat to the game. We simply publish richly detailed, easy to use material designed to be compatible with almost any GM’s campaign.

I heartily recommend all games designers look at this blog.

RitePublishingColorLogo500Rite Publishing.

Facebook, Pathways.

Publisher of gaming products including Diceless Roleplaying & Pathways magazines, and much, much more.

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