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About the Games Design Advice Blog

About this blog… this blog is all about games design with the odd tangent here and there. This is for the community at large to have someplace to start their foray into games design.

The  blog is personally funded. I try not to flood you with adverts . It will never spam you with useless offers you don’t need. Nor will it – ever. It has no store, but links to games companies around the world that work in fantasy gaming fields.

Posts are on a part time basis. The majority of which will be to share what I have learnt as I enter the games design arena. Hopefully it will help others to achieve their dreams, but, worst case, it should be a nice place to read about games design and invite discussion on the same.

About Me

I am a simple Englishman who loves leaving the hum drum of every day life to worlds unknown on a semi weekly basis. I dream big dreams, I love fantasy and sci-fi, I want to write for the things I love.

My immediate family consists of 2 children, 1 wife, 2 dogs, and 5 cats. Our whole family love animals I guess.

My gaming on line consists in the main of Warcraft, War Thunder and Knights of the Old Republic.

Table top gaming is DnD (all editions!), Pathfinder, Starfinder, The Dark Eye, Pugmire, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who. Those last three pretty much describe my TV joy!

I have participated every season of RPG Superstar, taken Sean K Reynolds on line design course, been published multiple time in Wayfinder magazine, and am currently freelancing for Legendary Games and Rogue Genius Games. I went to Paizocon 9 (2016) and 10 (2017), experiencing the USA convention life.

This is a personal blog and project, and my opinions are my own. I will never post anything personal about any other person, should I critique things, it will be about the thing, never about the thing creator. I will post as often as life and freelancing allow me to.

Above all, I hope you find the articles, pages, links, reviews, etc., that I place on this site useful and informative. Please enjoy.

P.S. Due to changes to privacy law, I have added a privacy statement page detailing this necessary information. It’s really boring but is a requirement now, so there you go.

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Updated: 2019/07/05 13:52

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