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Holiday Time – A Late Summer Two Weeks in Egypt!

I am off on holiday for the next 16 days in the wonderful inspirational land of Egypt, cruising for seven days down the Nile and then a week relaxing and writing in the sunshine beside a four star pool at a hotel in Luxor!

And I am back!

My PC, however, died while I was away developing a power supply fault ( a curse from the tombs maybe >.< ). It is now in the repair shop and I have been given an ETA of this Saturday, so service will resume then.

Sorry for the delay on restarting my blogging, but it is currently beyond my control.

I have a lot of inspirational photos for Egyptian themed games design, so as soon as the PC returns, you will get a lot of visuals to enjoy. 

Registration Queries – Answer on Comment issue!

I have had a couple of queries on why people cannot comment after registering via the contact me page. This is because I have a manual authorisation step to enable comment permission to try and keep this site as  free as I possibly can.

I will email everyone who has registered during my holiday as soon as I have unlocked their accounts for commenting. I will also be adding this to an FAQ page for the future too – looks like a busy weekend ahead!

Edit: There appears to be an issue with login and commenting – possibly due to one of the WordPress add-ons being used, so commenting doesn’t work right now – I am on the case but it may be a while with my limited WordPress experience. Sorry.
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