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RPG Superstar Hiatus, and New Reviews Section

I decided to get back to this blog site, trying to post at least once a fortnight. This impetus clearly driven by the announcement of an indefinite hiatus of the annual RPG Superstar competition. Here goes…

Superstar on Hiatus

Sadly, the Paizo RPG Superstar competition is on indefinite hiatus. It is sad but entirely understandable, and, after 10 years, Paizo now have a substantial pool of discovered talent and freelancers on which to draw. With today’s financial climes, they need to put their time on their direct business needs, and so we wish them every success going forwards.

It may come back, and I hope it does. It was one of the main driving forces behind my frequent visits to their site. The competition hiatus will not stop the development of design resources for this site. If anything, it will add impetus to continuing the design topics and getting things moving again!


The eagle eyed among you have probably already spotted the new review section in the title bar. If you have your own blog sites or frequent the Paizo product pages, I heartily recommend you to join the reviewing fun.

Reviewing products with a gamer design eye is one of the best ways of learning good games design, and my reviews are from the designer perspective rather than from a player or consumer perspective. It is hoped that they will give even more food for thought and drive your design mindset.

Forums tend to have a word limit for each post. This results in reviews being split over a number of posts, and is not ideal. Such reviews are hard to read and follow in their entirety so I have collated my reviews into single pages here. No editing beyond making each review into a single page, and correction of spelling has taken place. The reviews are as found on the publisher sites in terms of content.

I hope you find these reviews useful and that they provide an insight into my design thoughts and processes as a guide to refining your own. You may not agree with me in all cases. Which is great! It shows you are thinking about game design and how you interpret it!

Template Fu Design Discussion Thread

In the absence of the RPG Superstar competition, I have created a design thread in the spirit of the competitions. On this thread, I make bi-monthly design challenges in the style or prior competition rounds.

At certain intervals, I close the challenge, analyse and feedback on submissions posted there, and then post the next challenge. You are invited to this thread to take part in any challenge set there. See you there!

Anthony Adam (Template Fu)

Anthony Adam

Preparation – Knowing the Game System (continued)

Okay, in my first blog post about preparation, I covered the base Pathfinder books and which of those books you need to start with.

For any other games system, that book selection tends to be of similar ordinance – always start with the base core rules, then games mastering books and creature books.

These are the three main elements of most role play games so is an excellent rule of thumb to follow when you are asked to work on some new system for the first time. Continue reading Preparation – Knowing the Game System (continued)

Resources Links Page Created

Today I started collecting useful links for a resources page before continuing with the blog – to allow you to easily access the resources that I will mention or point you towards. Continue reading Resources Links Page Created

On Line Games Design Course

Ok, before we get into the really big topic of RPG Superstar, I must first point you all at Sean’s On-Line Games Design course. The course is intimately tied in with the Pathfinder rules set, so is perfect as something to do prior to the annual RPG Superstar competition. Continue reading On Line Games Design Course