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Paizocon 2016 & RPG Superstar Helper Alpha

Paizocon 2016 – Initials thoughts

Okay, I am back and rested from an amazing experience in Seattle attending Paizocon 2016 and seeing the sights of the city.

Paizocon 2016 was everything I had hoped it would be and more. The staff were extremely helpful and sensitive to everyone’s need. They were constantly taking time to speak with anyone approaching them. What a great bunch of people.

I made a lot of new friends and publisher contacts. I was completely bowled over by how many of them knew my board alias on the Paizo messageboards. It also surprised me how many of them actually read and enjoy my inane postings there!

This is the convention to attend if you want to write for Pathfinder. Every third party publisher was willing and able to spend time talking to games designers. I made a lot of contacts and finally got my actual face to be seen. More importantly, I picked up some work there!

I cannot stress how very important it is to network with your prospective clients. So many doors opened to me this convention as a writer that I have an amazing amount of work to get through now.

TemplateFu – One of my Secrets Revealed!

My alias during RPG Superstar is TemplateFu – champion of getting your submission formatted correctly. I have a secret to reveal. My entries are formatted automatically by an editor I wrote to ensure I always get this right.

I am in the process of revamping the editor and making it more user friendly. The alpha build is now revealed to all – on codeplex dot com. If you have c# skills, have access to Visual Studio 2015 or the express editions, the source is now available. It is a work in progress and will take many months to get to an open high standard, but I have decided to share. You can find it here.

Current Plans for the Editor

My initial intent is to get the Wondrous Item tab completely working with the hints and tips section fully populated appropriate for such items.

The next tabs will be for weapons, armor, rings, staves, etc. Then after these, Spells, Feats, Skills, NPCs, Villains, and monster tabs.

It is hoped that eventually a design tab for just about every task and component in Pathfinder is going to be available. It is ambitious, but with the modular design, something to work towards piece by piece. We can eat the elephant just one plate at a time!

The focus of the tool is that of aiding the games designers and writers. For example, the NPC tab for generating NPC’s is not a full character generator, there are plenty of those already!

The focus of this tool will be the games designers and writer, and is not a playing aid.


Anthony Adam going to Paizocon 2016

Anthony Adam

Hiatus over and Paizocon 2016!

Hello everyone,

Yes, a new post, an apology for absence, confirmation of continuation of the design guides and exciting news about Paizocon 2016 follow:

Apologies for my absence!

Sorry it has been so long between posts, I have had a bit of a nightmare few months.

I have finally gotten over a host of things that have prevented me from getting things up to speed and posted on the blog. These ranged from asbestos being discovered in the kitchen requiring a whole new ceiling to the loss of a beloved pet, my beautiful Teddy, the most loving dog a man could wish for.

Continuing the design articles…

I will get back to the item design in the next post, so expect more words of wisdom to come shortly. I just need to re-gather my notes, re-read my posts so far and get my brain back to the right point to continue the series of articles correctly.

RPG Superstar Top 100!

I achieved a Top 100 placing in RPG Superstar Season 9 – very proud of that. It also means that I now feel more qualified to tell you about all the design pitfalls you can fall into having fallen into them all myself over the life of the competition.

Paizocon 2016 – I’m going!

I am also taking a brave step and travelling alone to the USA this year to attend my first ever USA games convention – so I chose Paizocon 2016! My badge will have both my real name and my forum identify of TemplateFu listed.

If you are there and want to keep a look out for me, I will be wearing Doctor Who themed Tees most days, and often a straw hat – so I should stand out and be easy to find. Do say hello if you are there.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

Anthony Adam going to Paizocon 2016
Anthony Adam

Site Security Updates!

Hey all

Site downtime and Security Update

The site was down for some time these last few days due to malicious attacks. I have been working with my provider iPage to resolve these attacks and improve site security.

The site now has an added layer of security through SiteLock, and I have updated to the very latest wordpress build. A  full back up has now been taken as well.

It is scary when your site gets targetted like this was, but I take it as a funny sort of compliment to the growing traffic and interest in the blog.

Normal site serving has now been resumed with added security for your (and my) protection.

I am updating the extensions and the like over the next few hours, so we may be slow for a while, but only for a short time. The hard part is done and the site is clean again.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

My freelancing progress…

So a brief update on my freelancing progress –

I have completed my first paid gig, and have seen the initial draft of the final pdf – it looks real nice and is something I am very proud of. Expect links to appear in the blog as soon as it is available for the general public.

I am currently working on a much larger 40k words item now that will bring true customisation options to your characters that are neither feats or skill – at least, that’s the plan.


Also, a word of Congratulations to Sean K Reynolds on his new job with Wizards of the Coast! Good luck Sean.

Thanks all for you patience once again, things are close to normal again.


Congratulations Monica Marlowe!

RPG Superstar has drawn to a close for another year, so I am finally able to return to this blog and finish up that item tutorial you have been following along with. Congratulations to Monica Marlowe for winning this year – I absolutely loved her dwarven map shaped like an axe from round 2, so do take the time to visit the Paizo site and check things out.

The annual blazing 9 practice thread has opened, so try to participate in there – I will pop along occasionally to review submissions in this thread, so you can get feedback from me on your designs if you so desire.

With the change this year to the first round, I now have a lot of jumbled notes and pointers for creating item types other than wondrous items, so these will follow after the completion of the wondrous item.

I have also completed my first paid work as a lead games designer in the first quarter of this year. I hope to be able to share more details in due course as I have to wait for its release before talking about it. This is known as working under an NDA and is very common practice these days. And yes. It can be frustrating, but it is a necessary evil of today’s highly competitive world.

As soon as the NDA is lifted, I will talk about some of the design decisions I made in the product. This should hopefully provide a nice overview of larger pieces of work and the amount of thinking and planning than can be involved.

So expect this site to resume shortly as my time is no longer consumed by all things Superstar 😉


I have returned from Egypt! Comments fixed!

Ok, I have officially returned from Egypt!


This post details the fixing of a comment issue on the site and provides the link you need for some Egypt inspirational pictures and videos that I am freely sharing via drop box (you don’t need a drop box account to view the files though). Continue reading I have returned from Egypt! Comments fixed!

Holiday Time – A Late Summer Two Weeks in Egypt!

I am off on holiday for the next 16 days in the wonderful inspirational land of Egypt, cruising for seven days down the Nile and then a week relaxing and writing in the sunshine beside a four star pool at a hotel in Luxor!

And I am back!

My PC, however, died while I was away developing a power supply fault ( a curse from the tombs maybe >.< ). It is now in the repair shop and I have been given an ETA of this Saturday, so service will resume then.

Sorry for the delay on restarting my blogging, but it is currently beyond my control.

I have a lot of inspirational photos for Egyptian themed games design, so as soon as the PC returns, you will get a lot of visuals to enjoy. 

Registration Queries – Answer on Comment issue!

I have had a couple of queries on why people cannot comment after registering via the contact me page. This is because I have a manual authorisation step to enable comment permission to try and keep this site as  free as I possibly can.

I will email everyone who has registered during my holiday as soon as I have unlocked their accounts for commenting. I will also be adding this to an FAQ page for the future too – looks like a busy weekend ahead!

Edit: There appears to be an issue with login and commenting – possibly due to one of the WordPress add-ons being used, so commenting doesn’t work right now – I am on the case but it may be a while with my limited WordPress experience. Sorry.
Continue reading Holiday Time – A Late Summer Two Weeks in Egypt!

Freelancing Opportunity Announcement

PaizoAnnouncement! A quick post to let you know that Paizo‘s Pathfinder Society has just issued another open call! Follow that link, download the instructions and formats, read them and submit! Go, Go, Go!

And another opportunity! Little Red Goblin Games have also opened up a one month time frame contest on race design. Go here, take part! The challenge for this one is to be setting neutral.

The open call for Wayfinder #13 has been posted – another great route for building your portfolio of work while reaching out to a wide audience! Wayfinder is an excellent platform for new freelancers to get noticed!