Reviews from the Designer Viewpoint


Reviewing products with a gamer design eye is one of the best ways of learning good games design. On this page you will find my reviews that I have undertaken from the designer perspective. These are available directly in the store pages of the products on the publisher sites.

However, those forums often have a word limit, resulting in reviews being split over a number of forum posts. This is not ideal and results in reviews that are hard to read an follow in their entirety. So I have collated my reviews below. No editing beyond making into a single page, and the occasional correction of spellings has taken place.

I hope you find these reviews useful and that they provide an insight into my design thoughts and processes as a guide to refining your own. You may not agree with me in all cases, that is great! It shows you are thinking about game design and how you interpret it!

Wayfinder Reviews

A free (yes free!) community magazine with production values and content that easily compares and often supersedes Dragon and Dungeon magazines when they were at their height.

Do not be put off by the community aspect of this magazine, the content is put through the same quality gates as a professional magazine and is a great measuring stick for your burgeoning design skills. If you get selected for this magazine, you must be doing something right.

Published annually, calls for submissions go out on the Paizo Community Use forums giving theme, submission guidelines and closing dates. Note that the labels contain two links, the first, the issue name and number links to the Paizo Store for acquiring the issue, and, the text “My Review” links to this sites’ collated review.

Wayfinder #01 Reviews
Wayfinder 01My Review

Wayfinder #14 Reviews
Wayfinder 14My Review

Wayfinder #15 Reviews
Wayfinder 15My Review

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