The biggest annual games design competition is almost here!

Competition time is almost here!

I don’t know if you have been monitoring the RPG Superstar forum threads recently, but as can be seen in the screenshot below, it is very close to competition time.

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Site updates and blogging restart!

Ok, it has taken me a little longer than I would have liked to get back into blog mindset, but I am now just about there.


There have been a number of housekeeping tasks performed on the site for your benefit whilst I prepare the next tutorial post for publication… Continue reading Site updates and blogging restart!

I have returned from Egypt! Comments fixed!

Ok, I have officially returned from Egypt!


This post details the fixing of a comment issue on the site and provides the link you need for some Egypt inspirational pictures and videos that I am freely sharing via drop box (you don’t need a drop box account to view the files though). Continue reading I have returned from Egypt! Comments fixed!

Holiday Time – A Late Summer Two Weeks in Egypt!

I am off on holiday for the next 16 days in the wonderful inspirational land of Egypt, cruising for seven days down the Nile and then a week relaxing and writing in the sunshine beside a four star pool at a hotel in Luxor!

And I am back!

My PC, however, died while I was away developing a power supply fault ( a curse from the tombs maybe >.< ). It is now in the repair shop and I have been given an ETA of this Saturday, so service will resume then.

Sorry for the delay on restarting my blogging, but it is currently beyond my control.

I have a lot of inspirational photos for Egyptian themed games design, so as soon as the PC returns, you will get a lot of visuals to enjoy. 

Registration Queries – Answer on Comment issue!

I have had a couple of queries on why people cannot comment after registering via the contact me page. This is because I have a manual authorisation step to enable comment permission to try and keep this site as  free as I possibly can.

I will email everyone who has registered during my holiday as soon as I have unlocked their accounts for commenting. I will also be adding this to an FAQ page for the future too – looks like a busy weekend ahead!

Edit: There appears to be an issue with login and commenting – possibly due to one of the WordPress add-ons being used, so commenting doesn’t work right now – I am on the case but it may be a while with my limited WordPress experience. Sorry.
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RPG Superstar Task – Design a Wondrous Item – Item Name

Today we start putting the item together, starting with the item name and the item description breakdown.

To recap, we are using a hermit crab shell, with a core them of a sideways scuttle that will deflect/avoid potentially lethal attacks. It is not to provide a boring AC bonus though.

Item Naming

Now, I am going to start this discussion by looking at the item name first. Some designers do this during the design and some do it as one of the last things. They do this in order to allow the design to solidify and suggest an apt name as part of the design process. Because I start with the item name does not make those methods invalid – but I do have specific reasons for starting with the item name. Continue reading RPG Superstar Task – Design a Wondrous Item – Item Name

RPG Superstar Task – Design a Wondrous Item – Choose Your Base Power

Let’s continue our examination of our base item choice which we started in the first of our item design posts.

In that post, we started looking at the attributes of what the snail shell is and does in the real world and how we could portray that withing a magical item. So, let us continue or examination of this early part of item design and see where it leads us.  Continue reading RPG Superstar Task – Design a Wondrous Item – Choose Your Base Power

Sorry all – Part 2 Post delayed by Flu!

Just a quick  post for those of you following my blog – I am rather ill at the moment with the ‘flu so please bear with. I will get part 2 posted this week.

In the meantime, try having a think of directions that a snail shell could lead you if you allow it – it led me to a surprising idea and similar item base.

More in part 2 😉

Freelancing Opportunity Announcement

PaizoAnnouncement! A quick post to let you know that Paizo‘s Pathfinder Society has just issued another open call! Follow that link, download the instructions and formats, read them and submit! Go, Go, Go!

And another opportunity! Little Red Goblin Games have also opened up a one month time frame contest on race design. Go here, take part! The challenge for this one is to be setting neutral.

The open call for Wayfinder #13 has been posted – another great route for building your portfolio of work while reaching out to a wide audience! Wayfinder is an excellent platform for new freelancers to get noticed!

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