On Line Games Design Course

Ok, before we get into the really big topic of RPG Superstar, I must first point you all at Sean’s On-Line Games Design course. The course is intimately tied in with the Pathfinder rules set, so is perfect as something to do prior to the annual¬†RPG Superstar¬†competition.

You will be expected to contribute one item design and one monster design during the course which he will treat as actual submissions for a product, giving you direct feedback as a developer, explaining in detail the points he makes.

This includes at least 2 skype face to face calls to run through the designs with him. Expect to set aside 4-6 weeks lapse to complete the item and monster design to a high level of polish!

This course is a steal at $50 for one-on-one tutelage by one of the masters of games design, so if you are serious, you simply must get in on a class.

Numbers are strictly limited, what with Sean being heavily busy with his Five Moons Kickstarter work, but keep checking his etsy store. He usually posts a limited run of classes there that sell out very quickly. If there aren’t any showing when you check, you could pop him a question asking when the next batch of classes are available.

Next blog post will be all about RPG Superstar, it’s history and the amazing talent it has uncovered.