Games Publishing Directory & Contact Menu Pages

Just a quick update today, you will see new top bar menu buttons and pages for a games publisher directory and a contact page

The games publisher directory will build into a collection of active games publishers pointing to their on line presence, contact details,  blogs, forums, and any other link-able resources they provide that I think are of help to new and existing freelancers – especially with regards to approaching those publishers.

The contact page provides a means to message Games Design Advice for general queries, asking for links to be added to / removed from the directory pages and so on.

You still need to register to comment on blogs though for now until get more experience of the spam filtering. This may change to open commenting in the future, but for now, for your safety and enjoyment of a spam free blog, I need to ask you to register first.

Soon be back to normal blogging, I just want to create one more area that will contain samples and examples of my own work – these may even get used in the discussions on games design to follow 😉

They will also act as examples of the quality of the work I produce and give credence to the advice that will be contained in this blog.

Take care now.