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This page will collate all of the design tasks that I cover in reading order rather than most recent first order. This will allow you to view only those posts related to a design task which you are undertaking.

A lot of the early posts will concern tasks in Paizo‘s RPG Superstar. However, the vast majority of the approaches and techniques covered are applicable to similar tasks across all games. Designing an item for DnD 5e is not that much different to designing one for Pathfinder. You still have to look at templates, language, the component parts and so on.

I hope you find these indices useful.


Task: General Skills.

Preparing to design for a Game – part 1.
Preparing to design for a Game – part 2.
Reading Rules / Requirements.

Task: Behaviors of the Professional Games Designer.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – will cover the expectations of yourself and your prospective employers when working as a freelancer. Building a presence within the gaming community.

Task: Collaborating with other Designers.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – will cover the importance of commuinication and working with and accepting and working around ideas that may not be wholly your own.

Task: Designing an Adventure / Module.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – the stages inherent in designing a solid adventure / module.

Task: Designing an Archetype / Prestige Class.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – designing variant classes based on a core class.

Task: Designing a Class.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – designing a whole class when it isn’t a variant of existing core classes.

Task: Designing a Creature / Monster.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – a staple design skill for roleplaying games.

Task: Designing a Geographical Region.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – design to expand upon areas of a campaign / world setting.

Task: Designing an Organisation.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – designing entities that live and breath within a campaign / world setting.

Task: Designing for a Published Setting.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – designing true to a company shared vision of the bespoke setting and working within that vision.

Task: Designing a Villain.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – designing memorable and engaging villains.

Task: Designing a Wondrous Item

Reading Rules / Requirements.
Choosing your base item for the design.
Choosing your base power for the item.
Item Naming and Description breakdown.
Item Description – Part 1 – Short Introduction.

Task: Making a Self Introduction.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – templates and content you would or wouldn’t include about yourself when making an approach to a games company.

Task: Making a Portfolio of Evidences.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – how much evidence is enough, how much is too little? What are evidences and what are not?

Task: Making a Pitch / Proposal.

– future / forthcoming / planned / todo – finding submission guidelines, writing to the perceived publisher goal.

More Categories to follow!

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