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Hiatus over and Paizocon 2016!

Hello everyone,

Yes, a new post, an apology for absence, confirmation of continuation of the design guides and exciting news about Paizocon 2016 follow:

Apologies for my absence!

Sorry it has been so long between posts, I have had a bit of a nightmare few months.

I have finally gotten over a host of things that have prevented me from getting things up to speed and posted on the blog. These ranged from asbestos being discovered in the kitchen requiring a whole new ceiling to the loss of a beloved pet, my beautiful Teddy, the most loving dog a man could wish for.

Continuing the design articles…

I will get back to the item design in the next post, so expect more words of wisdom to come shortly. I just need to re-gather my notes, re-read my posts so far and get my brain back to the right point to continue the series of articles correctly.

RPG Superstar Top 100!

I achieved a Top 100 placing in RPG Superstar Season 9 – very proud of that. It also means that I now feel more qualified to tell you about all the design pitfalls you can fall into having fallen into them all myself over the life of the competition.

Paizocon 2016 – I’m going!

I am also taking a brave step and travelling alone to the USA this year to attend my first ever USA games convention – so I chose Paizocon 2016! My badge will have both my real name and my forum identify of TemplateFu listed.

If you are there and want to keep a look out for me, I will be wearing Doctor Who themed Tees most days, and often a straw hat – so I should stand out and be easy to find. Do say hello if you are there.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

Anthony Adam going to Paizocon 2016
Anthony Adam

Site Security Updates!

Hey all

Site downtime and Security Update

The site was down for some time these last few days due to malicious attacks. I have been working with my provider iPage to resolve these attacks and improve site security.

The site now has an added layer of security through SiteLock, and I have updated to the very latest wordpress build. A  full back up has now been taken as well.

It is scary when your site gets targetted like this was, but I take it as a funny sort of compliment to the growing traffic and interest in the blog.

Normal site serving has now been resumed with added security for your (and my) protection.

I am updating the extensions and the like over the next few hours, so we may be slow for a while, but only for a short time. The hard part is done and the site is clean again.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

My freelancing progress…

So a brief update on my freelancing progress –

I have completed my first paid gig, and have seen the initial draft of the final pdf – it looks real nice and is something I am very proud of. Expect links to appear in the blog as soon as it is available for the general public.

I am currently working on a much larger 40k words item now that will bring true customisation options to your characters that are neither feats or skill – at least, that’s the plan.


Also, a word of Congratulations to Sean K Reynolds on his new job with Wizards of the Coast! Good luck Sean.

Thanks all for you patience once again, things are close to normal again.


Sorry all – Part 2 Post delayed by Flu!

Just a quick  post for those of you following my blog – I am rather ill at the moment with the ‘flu so please bear with. I will get part 2 posted this week.

In the meantime, try having a think of directions that a snail shell could lead you if you allow it – it led me to a surprising idea and similar item base.

More in part 2 😉

Games Publishing Directory & Contact Menu Pages

Just a quick update today, you will see new top bar menu buttons and pages for a games publisher directory and a contact pageContinue reading Games Publishing Directory & Contact Menu Pages

Resources Links Page Created

Today I started collecting useful links for a resources page before continuing with the blog – to allow you to easily access the resources that I will mention or point you towards. Continue reading Resources Links Page Created


Games Design Advice – The Blog

A new blog about games design, the industry, getting noticed and becoming a games designer. Continue reading Introduction