Site Security Updates!

Hey all

Site downtime and Security Update

The site was down for some time these last few days due to malicious attacks. I have been working with my provider iPage to resolve these attacks and improve site security.

The site now has an added layer of security through SiteLock, and I have updated to the very latest wordpress build. A  full back up has now been taken as well.

It is scary when your site gets targetted like this was, but I take it as a funny sort of compliment to the growing traffic and interest in the blog.

Normal site serving has now been resumed with added security for your (and my) protection.

I am updating the extensions and the like over the next few hours, so we may be slow for a while, but only for a short time. The hard part is done and the site is clean again.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

My freelancing progress…

So a brief update on my freelancing progress –

I have completed my first paid gig, and have seen the initial draft of the final pdf – it looks real nice and is something I am very proud of. Expect links to appear in the blog as soon as it is available for the general public.

I am currently working on a much larger 40k words item now that will bring true customisation options to your characters that are neither feats or skill – at least, that’s the plan.


Also, a word of Congratulations to Sean K Reynolds on his new job with Wizards of the Coast! Good luck Sean.

Thanks all for you patience once again, things are close to normal again.