Resources Links Page Created

Today I started collecting useful links for a resources page before continuing with the blog – to allow you to easily access the resources that I will mention or point you towards. Continue reading Resources Links Page Created

Preparation – Knowing the Game System

PaizoOk, the RPG Superstar competition usually starts in December, so we have a couple of months to do some preparation. The preparation you need to do for the competition is no different to formal games design work as a freelancer.

The first preparation step is to know the system you are to design for, in this case, Pathfinder. Continue reading Preparation – Knowing the Game System

Paizo’s RPG Superstar

PaizoBefore we move onto the rounds of this competition, a little history is probably in order.

This annual on-line competition first opened to the public on 31st October 2007. The purpose to be to find new games design talent and award them the opportunity to write for Paizo. The first winner was announced on the 20th February 2008, Christine Schneider. Continue reading Paizo’s RPG Superstar

On Line Games Design Course

Ok, before we get into the really big topic of RPG Superstar, I must first point you all at Sean’s On-Line Games Design course. The course is intimately tied in with the Pathfinder rules set, so is perfect as something to do prior to the annual RPG Superstar competition. Continue reading On Line Games Design Course


Games Design Advice – The Blog

A new blog about games design, the industry, getting noticed and becoming a games designer. Continue reading Introduction